Agassi har et flatt hode

Denne saken handler om US OpenPeter Bodo er litt lei av alt maset om Andre Agassis siste turnering, US Open som han spiller nå. Slo Andre Pavel i første runde gjorde han også. Jeg så de to siste poengene da dattera mi våknet rundt 06.15 i dag tidlig. Baghdatis venter i neste runde.

Anyway, her er Peter Bodo sine ord fra kampen:

I just can’t muster the enthusiasm and fire for the acrid smell of gunpowder or even the sublime resonances of the moment. Maybe I’m just shutting down, from overload. You know how that goes: I’m implicitly being told, left and right, that this is a NSHI (Night of Supreme Historical Importance) and I’m supposed to be awash in deep thoughts and glorious feelings. Well, this is an apalling confession, but the only deep thought I’ve had is: Andre has a remarkably flat head. It looks like a helipad. That’s kind of weird.

Hele saken her.