Happy 36th, Roger!

Roger Federer, Roland Garros 2000Dear Roger,

I do not know the birthdays of celebrities, but since yours is the same as mine, it has been hard to miss.

I turn 41 today, and just like you, I have enjoyed a successful year of tennis. In my case, that means finding time for one tennis session each week, and being able to hit five solid groundstrokes in a row. Hey, we can not all be Wimbledon champions.

Let me know if you ever come to Stavanger, I can show you the town, if you can take a look at my serve. My groundstrokes have improved the past year, but the serve is still a mess. Luckily, I plan to keep playing and improving for many years to come, and hope that goes for you too.

Wishing you a great birthday,
Åsmund Ådnøy

Av Åsmund Ådnøy

Skriver tennisbloggen. Bor i Stavanger. Tennisspiller med præriestore rom for forbedring.

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